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What to know before you buy a cell phone signal booster / cell phone repeater

What is a cellular signal?

Cell phone signals, like television and radio signals, are radio frequency signals, or waves. Technically, they are electromagnetic waves.

What is a cell phone repeater system?

A typical cell phone repeater kit consists of an outside antenna, an amplifier that requires AC or DC power and an inside antenna. The inside antenna is sometimes attached to the amplifier on less powerful systems.

How do cellular phone repeaters work?

For incoming calls, the outside antenna, called a “donor” antenna, picks up the signal, boosts it and sends it to the amplifier via a coax cable that connects the two devices. The amplifier boosts the signal much more and projects it wirelessly over a given area, through the inside antenna. For outgoing calls the sequence is reversed.

What's the difference between a cell phone repeater and a cell phone signal booster?

Generally speaking, cell phone repeater refers to a kit that includes the items stated above. The name "cell phone signal booster" is more of an all-encompassing term that often refers to the cell phone repeater, or:

  1. An external cell phone antenna that is connected by coax cable directly to the cell phone or to a computer air card (if that's what what you want boosted).
  2. A direct-connect kit, which is comprised of the external cell phone antenna, connected via coax cable to a direct-connect amplifier, which is then connected directly to the chosen device. An example of the direct-connect cell phone signal booster kit .
When used here, "cell phone signal booster" means "cell phone repeater"

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